For home chefs.

By professional chefs.

Culinarie Kit was created for subscribers to expand their skills in the kitchen. Learn new recipes, use new ingredients, and experiment with abandon.  Because that's exactly how we got our start in the culinary world!

An industry secret: most chefs' recipes were imagined on the spot and refined by trial and error.  We want to give you the same opportunity by offering versatile ingredients and the inspiration to get inventive. Anyone can cook up a something beautiful in the kitchen.

We send you the tips and tools to create your own culinary masterpieces, because we believe confidence makes a better cook. Culinarie Kit helps you hone your skills and become a more experienced chef without restricting your creativity.

We give you inspiration.

Not just instructions.

Each month includes:

•  5+ easy-to-follow recipes written by professional or celebrity chefs, exclusively for Culinarie Kit, tailored to your dietary preferences.

• 5+ cooking ingredients like oils, spices, vinegars, salts, extracts, sauces, and more.

• Tips, tricks, and ideas for how to create your own recipes and use ingredients in new ways.

Cooking is an art; we all have our own style. What's yours?