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Campfire Kit - Cooking Gift Box


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Product Description

Our Campfire Kit gift box will put a smile on any grill chef's face. This box is jam-packed with flavors designed to be grilled over charcoal, roasted over an open fire, and even remind you of summer flavors in the colder months. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves outdoor cooking like grilling, smoking, or simply making pudgie pies while camping.

This gourmet gift box makes a fantastic housewarming gift, closing gift, graduation present, birthday present, or even a teacher's appreciation gift! Skip the boring mugs or fruit baskets and give the gift of creating delicious home cooked meals with interesting new ingredients.

Each Campfire Kit cooking gift set includes:

- Smoked Olive Oil
- Curry ketchup -OR- a rotating artisan hot sauce
- Black Bear Spice Blend
- Small Batch Chipotle Mustard
- Culinarie Exclusive Heckdust Seasoning Blend
- Smoked Sea Salt
- Hickory Liquid Smoke
- Silicone Basting Brush (1)
...all wrapped in a multi-use flour-sack kitchen towel (1)

Some ingredients may vary based on seasonal availability.

All Culinarie Kit packaging is recycled or reused from our vendors. Please join us in our efforts and reuse or recycle your box!


Culinarie was founded on the premise that anyone can cook.

Professional chefs didn't start out as professionals, either. We want to give you the same opportunities we've had by offering versatile ingredients and the inspiration to get inventive. You, your friends, and even Aunt May can all cook up something wonderful.

Our culinary gift boxes give you tools to take control of your gourmet destiny. Try new recipes. Taste new ingredients. Experiment with abandon. Because that's exactly how we got our start in the world of food!

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