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Spice Blend Collection - Culinarie Exclusive


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Product Description

This set is a great little gift for folks who love flavor. It contains one of each of our exclusive spice blends, created by our own Chef Ellie:

Infinity - Everything bagel seasoning, elevated. Great on grilled proteins and in mayo-based salads.

Solajo - Garlic and spice and everything nice. Great for Latin-inspired dishes, in ramen, or on anything that needs that little "something extra."

Heckdust - What's heat without flavor? This mild peppery blend is next level. Try it in chili or on mac & cheese.

Tisthe - Nostalgia in a spice blend. Since the base flavor comes from Saigon cinnamon, it's perfect for baking, but it can also surprise you by adding a complex earthy note to cream soups, tomato sauces, or even coffee.

Each spice blend comes in a one ounce glass jar, packed in a 3.5x3.5x1.75" gift box. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for people who love to cook!

THIS IS A PREORDER. These spice collections will ship December 16, 2019, leaving them enough time to arrive by December 25, 2019. Orders placed after December 16, 2019 may not arrive by the holidays.

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