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Infinity Blend (Smelly's Brunch)

$4.95 - $12.95

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Product Description

Few of us will get the opportunity to toast a freshly baked everything bagel over a campfire--nor have most of us felt a particular desire for such an experience. Except our Head Chef, and she's a little out there. Thus we present her pride and joy, the Infinity Blend. All the toppings that usually adorn an everything bagel, with a hint of smoke and a couple rich additions. It's partially ground just before bottling to bring out as much flavor as possible. Combine with softened butter for a quick-n-easy breakfast indulgence. Use in any recipe that calls for garlic salt to add a new spectrum of flavor. Throw it over roasted potatoes or into couscous with olive oil to dress up your side dishes. Sprinkle a bit on cream cheese to make up for the lowly, toppingless bottom half of your favorite bagel. The possibilities are...infinite. Free shipping for Culinarie Kit subscribers! Use coupon code SUBADD at checkout and your product will ship with your monthly subscription at no extra cost.

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